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Does Brian Johnson return to AC / DC?

Does Brian Johnson return to AC / DC? You can tell us the story with which the TERRORIZER has come .
Los Angele’s band TERRORIZER returned from the European tour (they also massacred Ostrava), and accidentally hit the airport with Brian Johnson. Asked if he returned to AC / DC , Johnson responded positively.
«We accidentally landed at the airport at Brian Johnson of AC / DC after landing in Los Angeles. We asked him if the rumors of his return and the new record were true. Yes, I am already sick of this eternal denial, he replied. Surprising ending of the tour, « said TERRORIZER .
Several clues about the return of Brian Johnson and another renegade, Phila Rudd, have appeared in the band last year. Last summer, a joint photo of Johnson and Rudd appeared in Vancouver’s Warehouse Studios, where AC / DC recorded their last three albums. 


Brian Johnson was forced to stop concerting with AC / DC in 2016 when he was in danger of life deafness. Brian’s status may well have improved as he has appeared on stage several times, for example with MUSE . 
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