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DRACONIS Anthems for an Eternal Battle

Brutal Records is proud to announce that the Argentina Death-legends «Draconis» have signed a new record deal with the label. 
Release July 31, 2020 Worldwide!
Formed from the raw swamp of subconscious emotions, desires and fears, Draconis strikes with an immersively rhythmic assault of raw riffs and relatively technical Argentinian-style death metal discursive variation, finding a balance in the overall structure of these songs to deliver the listener through cycles of evolutionary thought into themes and rhythms of commonality. Enjoying the abrupt, this band alternate between structures with no warning and in the style of the South American school, make sense of their riffs in context of song structure and in that mindset often dive or leap to a change unpredictably, with a fire of acquisition.

Band Members:
Gerardo Vargas:  Vocal & Guitar
Bruno Vargas:  Lead Guitar
Marcos Villaroel:  Bass
Rolling riffs of fast tunneled tremolo connect songs in a sequence of tone and rhythm, flowing into one another and rejoining on the snap command of circular song structure to begin again a cycle. The band drops into rhythms nicely and then seamlessly accelerates, driving anthems of dissent with fast and precise grindcore drumming under a hoarse and hollowed voice of gutted vocal cords. While at some points riff salad prevails, it is as in bands like Massacra unified by core rhythm and sense of structure in motion, and the resulting interchanging series of circular structures provides for mazelike yet concise songwriting.
 Anthems for an eternal Battle
Puppets who ignore their Masters
Inner Quest
My last Journey
Shadows of Emptyness
Remember the Unremembering
Ship of Illussions
Traitors of Everyday
Lost Angel
Falling into Darkness
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USA & Canada

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