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The Metal byrds – Dark Highway

The Metal Byrds band are born musicians. London born Suzanne Birdie, has a power-pop rock voice, that compliments Sly Rye’s ripping rock riffs and lead guitar solos in every song! These catchy songs are throwback to a time where female front-women dominated the radio waves with rocking sounds. A time where Hair Bands and Classic Rock & Roll ruled the world.
«Our sound comes from our individual influences over the decades.  Sly Rye’s guitar playing style has been influenced anywhere from classic rockall the way from metal to alternative rock. Suzanne’s singing style is heavily influenced by all the great women in rock history. From Joan Jett, Pat Benetar, Stevie Nicks and Blondie, We are not the typical cookie-cutter sounding rock band, and if you listen close, you will hear a sound like non-other.» says the band of creating songs together.
The Metal Byrds have received rotation on both international and national radio stations and have a fanbase that keeps on growing. Stay tuned for their first full length debut album, sladed to be finished in summer of 2020.
«A band that’s meant to be heard with the volume up, up, up. Terrifically catchy rock songs bordering on metal and brandishing a guitar soaked high level of songwriting»


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